Questions about orders

What size board should I choose?

Why are some boards sharper than others?

Are your boards made in Quebec?

Do you have a physical shop?

Are the fins included?

Can I buy my board in store?

How much does delivery cost?

Are there places where you do not deliver?

What is your price adjustment policy?

What if my wetsuit is not the right size for me?

Questions about paddle boards

Can I do yoga on my board?

Can I put two kayak seats on my board?

Which board do you recommend for a beginner?

Technical Questions

How long does it take to inflate a board manually?

Can I leave my board inflated?

What is the recommended PSI for a board?

Can I travel with my board on the roof of my car?

Does the paddle float?

What product can I use to wash my board?

Do you have any other questions?

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