Québec SUP was born out of a common passion for water that has taken us to the four corners of the world to chase waves and water bodies that are out of the ordinary! 

The pandemic that hit us in 2020 forced us to curb our nomadic habits to our dismay. But as they say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" 

Québec SUP is a solid lemonade that we concocted thanks to the extra free time we had during our forced travel stop. A company in our image.

Who is behind Québec SUP?

James Bourassa


I am a fan of the outdoors, adventure and discovery. I have been passionate about water since my childhood. Having visited more than 30 countries and surfed waves in many places, I pass on my passion in my job with a project that is close to my heart, at home.

Having studied finance extensively, I can enjoy both the entrepreneurial side and the pleasure of life.

This opportunity also allows me to give back to help our game plans, the planet. It was mandatory for me to help organizations for the protection of our water bodies.

Nicolas Bédard


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination for water. Whether it was the pool in my parents' backyard, the lakes in my native Mauricie or the times I was lucky enough to see the ocean, I never missed the opportunity to be in the water.

This meant that as soon as I was able to travel, I started chasing waves and planning my trips around surfing!

For me, Québec SUP is the materialization of this passion for water sports and the opportunity to pass on my passion while having a positive impact on the health of our waterways.


You may have already noticed, but Quebec SUP is very involved in the fight to protect our waterways! It's important for us to invest a portion of our profits in organizations that make a real difference.

To learn more about our commitment and the organizations we support, visit this page.